Operations App

Operations App

Streamline Your Fleet, Optimise Operations.


FLUENT DESIGN (Android/ios)

Fluent Design offers a visually cohesive and intuitive user experience, simplifying task completion and communication for enhanced usability.

COmmunicate as a Team

With dedicated communication features, team members can effortlessly connect, exchange vital information, and collaborate in real-time

Real-Time Monitoring

Maintain and track a fleet of vehicles, simplifying maintenance, optimising serving, and maximising operational efficiency.

Task Map

Quickly scan vehicles, locate tasks, apply filters, and collaborate on frequent stops for efficient task management.

TAsk List

Efficiently handle tasks, find assignments, and visualize with filters. Simplify searching, access frequent stops, and share locations for collaboration.


Enhance teamwork through optimized communication, chat filters, internal contacts, and HQ updates for efficient task coordination.

Vehicle Ops

Swiftly scan vehicles, filter tasks, search efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly for enhanced productivity.



Project Brief

Copyright © 2023 Jack Parkes

Copyright © 2023 Jack Parkes